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Bulgaria Increasingly Popular as Pilgrimage Destination

Bulgaria is expecting a 7% increase of pilgrimage tourist trips in 2012, according to the Director of the Institute for Tourism Analyses and Assessments, Rumen Draganov.

Draganov says the percentage would have been even higher, but the economic crisis and the parliamentary elections in neighboring Greece have reduced the number of Greek visitors at Easter time.

The number one tourist attraction is the Rila Monastery, with 780 000 visits a year, including from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Italy, France, Spain and Russia.

The renovated St. St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in the historic coastal town of Sozopol, housing what are believed to be the relics of St; John the Baptist, has been visited by 250 000 people and is seen as Bulgaria’s newest pilgrimage tourist attraction.

Draganov says the trend of a stable 7% yearly increase in pilgrimage tourism has been noted since Bulgaria’s joining of the EU in 2007. There is an increased interest of tourists from Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. The pilgrims are only 1.8% of all foreign guests, but their expenses are 70% higher, compared to those of common holidaymakers.

Whats your view? Will an expansion to the skiing area in Bansko be a positive development for the region?

The Bansko Municipality has advanced its plans to substantially increase the regions skiing area, following a change to the Bulgarian Forest Act in March. The change to legislation will enable the Municipality to issue construction permits for the development of ski lifts and ski runs in the Pirin National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.This has caused controversy amongst environmental groups as an expansion to the skiing area will result in a 12% reduction to the size of the Pirin National Park and will probably have an adverse effect on the wildlife in the area. Environmental groups have stages protests in Sofia and UNESCO is threatening to declare the Pirin National Park a “World Heritage Site in Danger” unless the Government can guarantee against construction taking place.

Despite the opposition, it seems unlikely that the decision will be overturned, as the expansion has the support of the Prime Minister and the head of the country’s forest agency, on the grounds that it will boost tourism and accelerate the economic development of the region. Residents of Bansko also appear to be in support of the scheme, as a survey found that 80% would vote in favour of the expansion, should a referendum be held.

What are your views on this?

Bulgarian govenment scheme enables pensioners to receive free spa treatment in Banya, Bansko

The first group of about 500 pensioners out of the projected 10,000 in 2010 will leave for spa treatment in four centers on February 6, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Xhelal Bajrami after Monday’s signing of agreements with spa managers.

The agreements encompass free use of spa services in Debar, Katlanovo, Negorski and Banya Bansko. Pensioners will have three meals a day and regular medical care during the seven-day spa treatment.

According to Minister Bajrami, the project will be implemented throughout 2010, thus reaching the number of 10,000 pensioners, with the total cost at approximately Denar 90 million (EUR 1,5 million).

Spa managers expressed their satisfaction from the Government’s move, claiming it would help them develop the sector, resulting in better conditions for spa treatment.

The criteria for use of the spa treatment include pension amount, length of pension use, as well as need for assistance from third persons.

First look – Pirinea spa interior!

Thalgo Turkish BathFinishing works are taking place in the spa, with the completion of our first Turkish bath.

Work commences on Pirinea spa centre

Work on the spa centre is progressing well. The rough construction of the main swimming pool is being tested and internal walls are now in place. Preperations are now underway for the turkish bath and sauna interiors to be fitted.

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